Ray Fisher v Warner Bros: A reckoning is spreading through Hollywood

It’s a spat between a Hollywood movie studio and one of its promising young stars, the kind of thing you expect would be happening behind the scenes with some frequency – but what makes this one extraordinary is how it’s all playing out in public.

That’s partly thanks to the age of social media, when stars know... ( подробнее )

Dune 2020 trailer: Denis Villeneuve, Timothee Chalamet and cast tease epic adaptation

We’re not being hyperbolic, that’s how big a project the upcoming cinematic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune is, an iconic sci-fi tome which has not always had an easy time of it when it comes to transitioning to screen.

There have been two previous screen versions – David Lynch’s controversial 1986... ( подробнее )

Mulan: How 2020 up-ended Disney’s plan for $200 million blockbuster

A gust blew through a multi-levelled “play-gym-like” structure built from bamboo scaffolding, threatening to dramatically untie the long stretches of red fabric fastened to the poles.

The space, which not long ago had atop the exact piece of land a massive water tank for shark movie The Meg, will host a climactic battle scene... ( подробнее )

Mulan 2020 movie review: Dazzling visuals pop on the small screen

And it would have looked spectacular because the scale of this movie can’t be overstated.

Full of sweeping wide shots of beautiful, snow-capped landscapes, the architecturally designed imperial city or military battalions decked out in scarlet red uniforms, Mulan is visually very impressive.

It never lets you forget that... ( подробнее )

Centre Stage star Ethan Stiefel shocks fans with completely unrecognisable new look

Stiefel, 47, played the professional ballet dancer Cooper Nielsen in the 2000 cult classic.

Gone were the days of his clean shaven face and floppy blonde locks, instead, fans were met with shoulder length hair and an intimidating moustache.

Centre Stage actor Ethan Stiefel... ( подробнее )

Robert Pattinson reportedly has coronavirus as The Batman filming shuts down

Sources close to the set have said the highly-anticipated DC film has now been “thrown into chaos” as the lead star is said to be the one who came down with the virus, just days after filming resumed.

Warner Bros confirmed the news in a statement which read: “A member of The Batman production has tested positive for... ( подробнее )

Tenet scores at box office despite pandemic

The Australian box office was $2.48 million, though it’s unclear if this includes the previous weekend’s preview screenings.

Australians were among the first audiences to see director Christopher Nolan’s anticipated blockbuster.

With the exception of Victoria, cinemas were open and operating across the country,... ( подробнее )

Even the stars of Tenet struggled to comprehend Christopher Nolan’s movie

Tenet lead John David Washington confessed to news.com.au that it took him a while to get there – if he’s even there yet.

“Like all Christopher Nolan movies, after the fourth or fifth viewing, with great depth, it starts to fall into place for me,” he said. “On a certain level, I understood it, especially... ( подробнее )

Cheeky dig you missed in hit movie Space Jam

Space Jam, which has just hit streaming on Binge, was released in 1996 and became a surprise hit, immediately sparking calls for a second movie.

Grossing $US230 million worldwide against a $US80 million budget, the original saw NBA star Michael Jordan team up with the Looney Tunes animated characters for a fictionalised story about what... ( подробнее )

Босс фильм подтверждает продолжение Грязных танцев

Генеральный директор студии Lionsgate Джон Фелтхеймер наконец-то подтвердила давние слухи о том, что еще "Грязные танцы" сиквел уже находится в разработке.

Подробные http://crb-gc.ru/ сведения о фильм по-прежнему скудны, хотя было выявлено, что она будет звездой оригинальный ведущая актриса Дженнифер Грей.

"Грязные... ( подробнее )